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How Cloud Based Email Archiving Works

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What is email archiving?

We define email archiving as the process of ingesting, indexing, and storing email information into a database in order to make it accessible and searchable for a variety of uses. These uses could include email recovery, compliance or audit related activities, early case assessment for litigation discovery, communications monitoring, and personal productivity.

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Why do organisations use cloud based email archiving products and services?

There is an abundance of benefits of cloud based email archiving, but we would say the top four are the ability to improve your storage management; to reduce your IT costs; to enable easier, quicker and cheaper regulatory compliance; and to streamline the response to eDiscovery requests.

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What is the pricing model for SAVE IT archiving service?

Our archiving service is priced on a per-mailbox per-month basis.  This enables you to know and plan what your email archiving IT costs will be, with the only change being the result of adding or removing mailboxes from the archive.

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What are the up-front costs for the SAVE IT archiving service?

SAVE IT charges no upfront fees to commence archiving your email data. The SAVE IT archive service does not require any hardware or software installation which creates a dramatic saving compared to alternative on-premise solutions.

If customers decide they want their legacy email data transferred to the SAVE IT archive there is a one-time and fairly modest fee charged to setup and manage this migration process.

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Does SAVE IT work with value-added resellers?

Yes, we maintain strong partnerships with a variety of resellers.  To learn more or to be connected with a specific reseller, please click here or call us at 02 8905 8970

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Does SAVE IT offer free trials?

Yes we offer a free 14 day trial of our cloud based email archiving service.  To learn more please click here or call us at 02 8905 8970.

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How can I subscribe to the SAVE IT archiving service?

To subscribe our archiving service, please click here or call us at 02 8905 8970

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What happens to all my old emails?

We can import all your past email files from any number of multiple legacy email archiving services as well as from any individual archive files (such as PST or NSF) all into one central repository.

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What happens to my archive data if I decide to cancel my subscription?

If you decide to cancel your subscription to our archiving service, we will export your archive data in a standard format and return it to you.

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Why did SAVE IT choose to host its platform on the Amazon Cloud?

We chose to leverage public cloud computing in general (rather than build our own cloud) in order to maintain focus on our core competency; providing simple yet sophisticated email archiving and management software.  Tapping into the public cloud enables us to benefit from the scale that the cloud affords, resulting in lower prices, higher availability, and improved performance for our customers.  Amazon is currently the only cloud provider that meets our requirements for scale, security, overall maturity, and a commitment to open standards. Other providers continue to advance, and we expect to deploy SAVE IT to additional clouds in the near future.

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Is the data stored in WORM (write once read many) format?

Yes, all data is stored in WORM format with AES 256-bit encryption.

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Is the SAVE IT archive secure?

All user data is kept encrypted and safe at all times. SAVE IT uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to encrypt all communication being transferred to or from the data centre, and a processing pipeline that ensures performance and data privacy between customer accounts. All data in the archive is encrypted with military grade (AES 256-bit) encryption with no shared encryption keys across customers to maintain the security and privacy of customer data.

All the data centres employ state-of-the-art security, are ISO27001 certified, meet FISMA and SAS70 Type II standards and adhere to the privacy principles of the European Union Safe Harbour Framework.

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What are the storage limits for the SAVE IT archiving service?

There are absolutely no storage limits associated with our archiving service. Customers pay one low flat fee on a per-mailbox per-month basis regardless of the amount of storage used.

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What makes the SAVE IT archive different from other solutions in the market?

Our archive is easier to deploy, easier to use, and more cost-effective than other solutions available on the market today.  We deliver these benefits through the use of true cloud computing technologies. We are different from legacy “on-premise” systems in particular in that archiving is delivered as a service via the web, meaning that the customer is not required to install, configure, maintain or upgrade dedicated hardware or software.  We are also compatible with a wider variety of email platforms than other vendors.

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Which email platforms does SAVE IT support?

Our archive service supports all popular email platforms, including Microsoft Exchange, Novell Groupwise, Kerio Mailserver, Lotus Notes, Lotus Live iNotes, Ipswitch iMail Server, VMware Zimbra, Google Apps / Gmail, and many others.  For more information, please contact us.

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What is the difference between Exchange 2010 native archiving and SAVE IT archiving?

Microsoft Exchange 2010 provides a small subset of Exchange customers (those who use Outlook 2010, have paid for CAL licensing, and have local DAS storage available) with a basic archiving functionality that eliminates the need for PST files and addresses several eDiscovery scenarios. Microsoft Exchange 2010 is not deemed sufficient to meet compliance requirements due to its inability to enforce email retention policies or to demonstrate a clear audit trail.
SAVE IT on the other hand is a full-featured information archive and eDiscovery service that meets all compliance requirements and eliminates the need for local archiving infrastructure and is compatible with all popular email platforms.

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Where are SAVE IT’s data centres located?

Our technology provider, Amazon Web Services, have data centres located in Asia Pacific (Australia, Singapore and Tokyo), the EU (Ireland), the US East (Northern Virginia), the US West (Oregon and Northern California), and South America (Sao Paulo). As a security measure, the specific location of the data centres is not advertised.

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Does SAVE IT support heterogeneous environments (where more than one email platform is in production

Yes, we support heterogeneous environments.  Our archiving technology is capable of archiving multiple email platforms and environments into a single information archive.

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How can the SAVE IT archiving service reduce storage costs?

Our archiving services reduce storage costs by reducing the volume of data that needs to be stored on expensive on-premise systems. The SAVE IT archive service also creates a dramatic saving compared to alternative on-premise solutions as it does not require you to install, configure, maintain or upgrade dedicated hardware or software. Instead, your data is archived in cost-effective and scalable cloud storage infrastructure that will give you immediate additional storage when you need it at no extra cost.

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Is the SAVE IT archive compliant with industry and legal regulations?

Our archive enables you to comply with the extensive range of industry and legal regulations and laws in Australia by providing efficient and long-term archiving of all your email messages with robust search and export functionalities.  Please review our whitepaper on Compliance on our resources page for more information.

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Is there a storage limit on the SAVE IT archive?

No, unlike many other providers we provide you with true unlimited storage at no extra cost meaning you never need to worry about mailbox quotas and running out of email storage space again.

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How is there no end user training required?

End users securely access their archived email via a simple and familiar web browser or via a Microsoft Outlook interface. As our user interface is very straight forward and uses familiar email search functions, we find there is no, or very limited, end user training required.

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How long will SAVE IT archive my data for?

We will automatically retain all the email messages in your archive for as long as is required to help you meet the stringent Australian industry and legal regulation requirements for email retention.

If you are uncertain about how long to store your emails for, our default is to store them indefinitely, and as there is no storage limit, there is no problem.

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What type of support does SAVE IT offer?

We provide customers with the option of receiving support via phone or email. Phone support is included during normal working hours as part of our standard service. For more information, please review our support page.

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How does SAVE IT manage the continuity of its service?

Our technology provider, Amazon Web Services, has invested over $2 billion in building the most reliable, secure and scalable cloud archiving infrastructure on the market that meets and exceeds rigorous credit card and financial industry data security standards.

Our service was designed to be fully resilient to underlying infrastructure issues. The infrastructure has no single points of failure with data replicated in multiple geographically dispersed locations. Monitoring is in place at the application and infrastructure levels to validate the availability and performance of the service 24X7 and notify operational personnel when any issues arise. Our services are back by a robust and industry-leading Service Level Agreement that guarantees secure and instant access to all archived messages at all times.

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